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Today in South Lincs and the Fens we face the challenges of

·        Social Need                

·        Social Cohesion

·        Social injustice      

·        New arrival communities



Bishop Tim has recently asked Jonathan to facilitate and coordinate the work being done in these areas to encourage and explore how we may all be more ‘Christ like Christians’ – Bishop Edward King. 


In his Tool Kit for Mission in South Lincs Bishop Tim reminds us


“ Throughout his ministry Jesus expressed both his love and his Fathers love unconditionally, through service to others.  This service bore certain hall marks and characteristics which gave deeper meaning to Jesus’ actions.”


The first step was a questionnaire survey sent to all the 80 ecclesiastical parishes in the South Holland and Boston District.


We received a significant majority return and the results worked into a data schedule.


From this information nine areas were predominately identified throughout

·        Poverty

·        The Elderly

·        Isolation

·        Pastoral Concerns

·        Lack of Transport

·        Young People

·        New arrival communities

·        Families

·        Social symptoms leading to development of Street Pastors

·        Additional concerns


These are the issues named by the parishes looking and understanding their local areas.  – The word from the streets.